Onslaught of Black Putrefaction

by Necrosadist



Due to line-up problems which eventually left Dictator the sole remaining member in the band, it would be three years before another Necrosadist release would emerge since the "In the Realm of Flesh" reissue. This time an allience with our Catalonian comrades Foscor in the form of a limited split 7" EP, to offer a pair of exclusive tracks recorded especially for this release. This is the only Necrosadist release to have been completely recorded by Dictator over a chaotic period of three years. Despite the erratic recording sessions, "Incision is Release" marked the first step in Necrosadist's new conceptual and musical direction. This track presents a musically more direct, militant, violent yet eerie and complex approach, eschewing the exclusively old-school stylings of the demo for a more personal and unrestrained modus operandi. The sound is harsh, vicious and frantic as a result of the decidedly DIY production and rather chaotic drumming.


released February 16, 2010

Necroterror Records



all rights reserved


Necrosadist London, UK

Necrosadist capture the essence of the Alpha Nihil through Raw Necro Violence; a virulent musical manifestation of profane devilry and intense fanatic savagery augmented by doom-laden occult psychedelia and nightmarish blasting chaos. Possessed by the power of the Riff, grappling the innumerable odious tentacles of Black and Death Metal and tapping inspiration from all veins that lead to Him. ... more

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Track Name: Incision is Release
Self-proclaimed sculptor; artist of the flesh.
Healing, changing: work of art, carnal masterpiece.
Eternally blended and burned - scarred within the soul.
Painting deep into canvas skin...

Witness now:
Distorted perspective - abstract poetry;
Suffering for one's art in the truest sense.

Tools glide across the whitest surface; jagged, sharp and cold.
Pale, monochrome redemption.
I am God himself: shape-shifting, deforming.
Painting deep into canvas skin...

This is the true chaos of flesh.
This is the monolith - my temple.
Swallow me whole, engulf me in the Chaos,
Shattered mirror of perceptions...

Creativity in destruction captured in artistic form,
Introspection, self-dissection: the art of gore.

I have become of His eyes and thus I do His work.
You are nothing but flesh.